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new url spam wget script

Take 2 files, one with urls in it one per line, the other file is a text file.

it will read the text file and chop it into url format ad append the email address listed with /bin/sh (so IPS/IDS picks it up and logs it). Change the email to yours or just delete that line the script is available for download HERE


if [[ $# -eq 0 ]] ; then
echo ‘argument1 is urls file, argument2 is text file to use’
exit 0

IFS=$(echo -en “nb”)

fmt -w 50 < $WORDFILE > wordfile;
awk ‘{print $0,””}’ wordfile > second

readarray -t array2 < second #final_file
readarray -t array1 < $URL_file

echo $URL_file

for i in “${array1[@]}”
for c in “${array2[@]}”
wget -O- “$i$c” > /dev/null



New wget bash script

I created the following for my own legal reasons (being that I need to subpoena the information later when in court). It is a small simple script to take a word file, break it down into chunks, then take an URL file and break it into chunks and then perform a wget request for each string created using the arrays. The string created will take a base url from the urls file, and add the text from the text file bit by bit (making it wget the entire word text file).

Anyhow in short, take 2 text files. Then make one urls with (notice the trailing slash please) then create a text file (i select text from my website, copy and paste it into my text editor and save).

Then run the script like so:
$chmod +x
$./ urls test.txt

here is the simple script
#ignore the commented sections they are for my own modification purposes

if [[ $# -eq 0 ]] ; then
echo ‘argument1 is urls file, argument2 is text file to use’
exit 0

IFS=$(echo -en “nb”)

fmt -w 50 < $WORDFILE > wordfile;
sed -e ‘s/^/’ wordfile > step_two
rm wordfile
#sed -e ‘s/$/”/’ step_two > final_file;
#rm step_two

read -a array2 -d ‘n’ < step_two #final_file
read -a array1 -d ‘n’ < $URL_file

for i in “${array1[@]}”
for c in “${array2[@]}”
wget “$i$c”

copy and paste this text and save to to use as listed above.

Sample urls file:

sample test.txt file:
It has come to my attention by people reading my material that the LED I described was not creating antimatter the way it was supposed to, and the light saber was not deadly. More of a children’s toy.

I have worked out that (as suggested before) you may need to use another radioactive metal / metal combination.
It seems that a gram or less of Plutonium possibly combined with another metal (iron maybe).

I have no way of trying it as I can not get my hands on a gram of Plutonium to make the alloy for the LED.

Once the LED is constructed you should be able to create antimatter with a flash of it, and also create a light saber out of it using the LED, a lead case, and a glass to focus the beam. Once again increased amperage will extend the length of the beam. Increasing the voltage may possibly change the wavelength.

Once again do not attempt to try my experiment unless you have a license for the materials, and the proper facility and education. Just me thinking on the web. Let me know if anyone can legally build them so I can see the cool effects.

HTTP ips-ids-weblog stuffer

I created a small application for my android phone which I used to fill select peoples IDS/IPS/Weblogs with strings I chose. Not sure if this will be of any use to anyone else but I am posting it. It has bits of code that are not being used, but I was using them for other functions so I just left them in as it is just me using the app normally anyhow.


To use, download and install to your android device. Then create a file called “myfile.txt” in the root of your sdcard which contains the strings you want send out (each string on a new line).

When you start the app it will ask you are the url, in this put the “” (without http://) and hit the button. It will now take every string and fetch it like so:


The goal was not to only be logged by the normal weblog, but also by all install IDS systems, and also possibly create a support ticket. Anyhow now it’s out!

New Android application for running commands and getting output

This posting is for my new application for (about all versions of) Android.

It allows you to run a shell command (as a regular user or as root if you have a rooted phone) and get the output
which is displayed in a scroll box below the run command box.

The source code and apk files (the project folder for the android IDE) are here:

To use:

Download the APK file to your phone from here: Run_Command.apk
Make sure (temporarily) that you have set the setting in Settings/Security/ Unknown Sources
to checked which will allow apps to install that are not from the google play store.
open your file manager
go to the downloads folder where the APK file is
open it and click install

it will give you the option of running it after the install.

Then you get to the main screen of the app.
It will have a box which says “Enter Command”
select that box and delete the text and enter the command you wish to execute
then click the RUN button
the output is displayed below

To run a command as super user if you have a rooted phone:
In the Enter Command box type: su -c COMMAND
where COMMAND is the command you wish to execute.
it will run as root and output will be below.

Hope you like it.

more about what law enforcement uses control for

i would like to touch on the subject of control a bit more.

i am going to explain a bit of what i have been subjected to, and what other people may have been, or will be subjected to.

while i have explained that your brain is constantly connected to a computer system called “control” i have yet to explain how they fabricate evidence using this.

it turns out that while you are going on having conversations in your brain with invisible people you are also sometimes being recorded (yes what yo are thinking may be audio recorded with your voice saying the words, or sometimes other peoples voices).

they use this to generate false confessions, yeah just thinking “i broke law x” may be recorded and used in court to say you actually had an in person conversation with a law enforcement agent, and that you allowed them to record you, and that the recording device and law enforcement agent(s) were visible to you at the time.

illegal as hell. i know sounds like bullshit right? i have heard my own voice saying things i did not want to say, played back to me. so this is quite real.

it gets better. turns out technology is so advanced invisibly that anything can be displayed on your television. this means all sorts of things can be done. your favorite actor, in your favorite show -yeah someone can sit there and use their image and voice in real time. they can create any backdrop and use some sort of algorithm to make sweat appear, wet hair, pimples, eye color, etc. they connect their brains to the characters image and sit there and speak to you on your tv. this all happens in real time.

but get this. what are they really doing?

threatening the hell out of you and your family usually. these people claim to be law enforcement and they are sitting there in your home illegally interrogating you using your own equipment.

this also means they can fake any video, create fake videos of you breaking the law using your image, and your voice. yes this is real.

oh and lets touch on dna evidence. using the technology described and reverse engineered on this website someone can plant dna evidence anywhere (for the most part). all they do is collect the dna evidence invisibly, then show up in your location invisibly, and make the evidence visible by irradiating it.