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Bypassing no execute permissions with one command

I kind of figured everyone knew about this but if not here we go:


To bypass execute permissions simply run another instance of the shell to execute:

For example if you would normally have to chmod +x a simple shell script, you can run it by simply doing: “sh”


For example try this script:





Use the above method to execute.



This also allows you to execute files on drive partitions which have execute disabled on them 🙂


Have fun.

About the post on einstein gravitational waves

RE:”Boffins’ gravitational wave detection hat trick blows open astronomy”
RE:A discovery to make Einstein proud”

We need to take into consideration that there may be antimatter in space.
For example, as per this website gravity is determined by a units photon density. This means a large object with great photon density has greater pull than another with less.

It may be true that even though space is considered a vacuum that there may be a  large amount of antimatter in space.

In either case…

Gravity has to do with photon density of a mass. The greater, the more pull.
We also know that this is how a magnet works (from this website).
And we know that magnets have waves of magnetic flux.

The earth is no different.
The earth and sun have gravitational waves which propagate through a medium.

I hope now you understand this is not some complicated science, as it is not.
It is simply an electromagnetic field applied to a foreign object.

Now you know.

Tracking currency in the US

It has come to my attention that a large amount of people would benefit from the tracking of currency at their local banks. Helps end fraud, etc. So I have the following proposal.


Bill readers at every teller. Yes we need a device which scans each bill collected, and each bills given out. This needs to link to a database of bills, which it can be compared with.

The database should contain the serial numbers of bills scanned.

This simple addition should help banks counter fraud, money laundering, and counterfeiting


All bills in the vault should have been scanned..