Monthly Archives: November 2016

about the programming notes on my site

i have been informed by someone that I plagiarized information in the creation of my notes on programming languages. i own many books, and I read quite a bit online and my notes were created from multiple sources. I do not even know all of the sources so if you think I somehow violated your copy write please let me know and I will update the programming notes which are mainly for me only anyhow.

who are the shadow brokers? the answer might suprise you.

update: someone has modified my website and changed the lowercase letters to capital letters so they could lie.

this is new information. it turnes out shana thompson is also involved in the hells angels.

well i figured i would out the shadow brokers since it is halloween!

may i ask is the group known as the shadow brokers really a woman from arizona name shana thompson? can you find here here at i think so. is she also the author of ? i think she is!

update: shana is aka: the drunk russian, rotten tomatos, annie, ann, pip, pippy long stalkings, little orphan annie, amanfrommars, amanfrommars1, ruth, red, big red, the shadow brokers, with more to come.

is this the ip that this girl uses for home and vpn ?

it just might be!

so there you have it.

your new name will be inbread woman.