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i found out while in jail in maricopa county that invisible people do horrible things to inmates with invisible animals.

for example for me to take a show they fucked my ex girlfriend who was invisible at the time, in the shower next to me, with a fucking dog. yes you read that right a dogs penis was in her vagina the whole time i showered.

not only that, i was fucked by people who where invisible who had invisible animals with them. for example, snaked were used on my ass, a dog was used on my ass, a horse was used on my ass, and maybe even some odd shit with a penguin was used.

see these invisible people have a system set up called “control”. it is the name for the invisible computer system hooked up to everyones brains. it records everything. every muscle movement, every thought (images, sounds, etc), everything you hear and see.

even the invisible people are connected to control. so much that they are willing to do about anything to “pass controls”. passing control is where a person has control checked on them and they are found not to be guilty of felonies, or lying.

with such a system a regular person with the right set of controls could be arrested, and be set free very quickly. see even the police and sheriff officers that are visible rely on this control system. they all hear voices and possibly even see images put directly into their brains telling them if you are passing control or not when you are being arrested by them.

they fuck people with animals as a way to lie against control.

some people sell their bodies and prostitute so they can say things while it is happeneing or see an image or hear a sound and then pass control using the control linked to another individual that they were prostituting to (they help you lie if you put out for them in short).

this is what was talking about when he or she said something like “words control worlds”.

now i will give more of an explanation about control and how the system works.

there is circuitry in your brain (yes it is invisible as far as i know which means it is made of antimatter and no it will  not be picked up on any standard scanner). this circuitry is connected to a distributed computer system. this system is called control.

when ever you are alive you have invisible antimatter people with you monitoring your control at all times. since birth. the original invisible people that were around would have been your family most likely. along with some other people but as when you are born you are not implicated in lying with control or any felonies you family probably hangs out with you quite a bit. they are under control, and they add control to you which is under there segment in the control database. these databases are usually linked to your family native country. control has been around since man was visible on planet earth as far as i know.

now lets go through average day as an adult while taking control into our perspective.

your asleep. everything you see and hear while asleep is part of control. invisible people control what you see and hear in your dreams. they use this to check control on you when you do not have the ability to defend yourself. now you wake up. you didn’t even realize that one of your invisible people made you wake up. so now you maybe get a change of clothes (controls are on almost everything you see, better put they are on everything you see). controls are checked on the clothes you are wearing, and the new ones you have yet to wear. you disrobe to get into the shower. controls are run on your body (yes people use shit, piss, booger (the british definition for booger (in control speak) is boo goverment ers (er in british speak is very violent. it means they stick you in a fucking er because of what they did to you. but you never notice this because there are invisible people in your family in it happens to them most of the time, not you)… scary. now your naked. you touch the shower objects to turn the water on. controls are checked on everything you touch, even the water. a change in temperature, control are checked. you get into the shower. now water rinses some of the invisible filth you have on your body off. controls are checked. next you take out your store bought soap to lather up. controls are used by the “owner” of the soap. controls are checked. you start to wash your hair. controls from the manufacturer of the shampoo are checked. your finish and turn off the shower. controls on the water, handles of the shower for hot and cold are checked. now you have to dry off. controls on the towel are checked.

now your supposedly “clean”, funny because you normally do not see the invisible filth which is on your body. you put on your deodorant, controls are checked you put on your cologne, controls are check, you brush your teeth, controls are checked. now you get dressed, controls are checked.

when i say controls are check i am saying that something related to the object has been entered in to the control database and every time you use whatever it is they check to see if someone lied, or someone was convicted of criminal activity using control.

now lets move on to food. your now hungry. you go to your fridge and guess what, controls are checked on about everything in the fridge. yes, lots of names of products, etc are run. even controls on the hardware which makes up the fridge is checked.

so yes now you know you cook the food, say in a microwave. controls are checked again. while that fucking food is cooking, and after. even the numbers on the time for the cook are controls.

how about tv. lets chat about tv now.

you sit down on your couch (which is a control someone is likely lying with).

turn on the tv.  controls are checked on every button you touch, the on led on the tv, and every part of the screen usually. now you want to watch your “favoritve tv show”.

what you may not know is the show is sitting there (yes while invisible people modify what is on the television screen) threaten you and your family with criminal activity and lies using the control system. tv is funny. they are there (invisible people) changing how the voices of the actors in the tv change, what they are saying may be changed to threaten you, and even onbjects and letters and numbers of the images on the tv may change. all to threaten you and in a attempt to murder you and your invisible family.

do not even get me started on a hospital. now that i a scary fucking place.

for now i am done.

just remember, with the correct combination of muscle movements, images in your brain, words said outloud or in your brain, etc you can pass control.

better said. bypass control.

scott parsons and honeywell

there is a guy named scott parsons who is from what i have been told related to the owner of the godaddy website which is not a lie. he chose to lie with his name and the name james and a wii u and a word of website. he also clained the internet as a word. he from what i have been told illegally breaks the law and backdoor computer hardware equipment at honeywell or he was doing that when he worked there.

a new radioactive power source

i have come to understand it may be possible to get more power out than you put in using this new technique.


you take a radioactive metal, pump high voltage low and (from my approx) low amperage electricity through it at the voltage level required to emit a certain wavelength of gamma which displays the properties of the photoelectric effect. the gamma radiation is thus converted into electron movement!