A possible antenna for positron transmissions

I have been working on a new theory that there is a way to create an antenna which will pick up the positron wave signals antimatter humans use to transmit data. It involves creating your antenna for what ever frequency range you desire, then coating the antenna in plastic, then covering the antenna with tin foil to block electron based transmissions.

This in theory would allow you to pick up signals that were positron based, without the interference of the electrons waves.

I have had one test, with interesting results. It is too early to say this works for sure yet as i need to try a greater frequency range with something like an EM spectrum analyzer.

I have also heard that the CPUs in common computing equipment are transmitting a positron based wave signal which is a backdoor into the computing equipment. This method may be a way to manufacture a transmitter / receiver which could communicate with such backdoor.

Until I know more.

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