changing the temperature of an object using gamma radiation.

i was reading and found the following article, and decided to offer another solution (better in my opinion) to the problem. it too uses photons to change the temperature of a given object, but can be used for not only cooling, but heating as well.

the article this is in attempt to (possibly correct) is titled:”
game of photons: boffins make ice with fire

lasers used to chill water. you read that right: chill, not heat ”

now per the article on the register they use a commonly available laser to supposedly ”
laser to resonate at the right frequency will draw energy out of a molecule moving towards the laser, because the incoming photon slows the molecule down just a little.”

from what i read it is supposedly only working in tightly controlled conditions also supposedly on a nano scale.
where this may sound cool in my opinion it is almost useless in this form.

what if you could take an object of a given size then then irradiate it, from a distance not to shot, but not too far and change the temperature of it?
the solution is theoretically posted here.
instead of a commonly available laser you use the laser described in another article on this site. this laser is simply an alloy of metals and one of them being a radioactive metal. now you pass electricity through the laser at the desired voltage (which sometimes can be in the thousands of volts) and this determines the wavelength of the gamma ray photons emitted from the laser.
now the concept is this. while a traditional laser can temporarily increase the temperature of an object it irradiates, a gamma laser can cause a state change in the atoms being irradiated in such a way that the state is maintained even when the object is no longer being irradiated.
this novel concept builds upon the article published here before about real cryogenic reanimation using a gamma laser to successfully change the temperature of an entire body being irradiated all at the same time.
but now instead of using a wavelength of gamma that causes increased temperature we are going to use a wavelength which cause the loss of energy from the atoms being irradiated.
this too causes a semi-permanent change in the state of the atoms which were irradiated with the gamma radiation.
now with these concepts you can build your laser, set the desired voltage to change the wavelength, irradiate the target just for pointing the laser at it (imagine a radioactive laser pointer or something) and turning the laser off. temperature changed.
i am sure someone could go into this in more detail like the radiation required must be the correct wavelength because it causes the atom to remove photons of a greater energy level / shorter wavelength etc. but i have detailed most of these concepts elsewhere on the site so i kind of half asses this article.
hope this brings a more effective, and applicable technology available for you to cool and heat objects with now.

remember these are just theories i have been working on. i do not use gamma radiation illegally.
you should not either. make sure you have the proper materials licenses before attempting to work on proving or disproving these concepts yourself.