collimation of gamma energy into a beam for use in a weapon

its seems that the theory of using electrons alone to focus the gamma energy is not working out the way i planned. using a collection of atoms shaped correctly in front of the gamma emitter seems to be a more effective way of focusing the gamma energy for use in a weapon. the close proximity and the tight orbital patterns of the electrons in an atomic configuration may be more suitable for focusing the gamma energy rather than a combination multiple electromagnetic fields at high voltage.

also changing the voltage to change the wavelength may be a very effective measure in effecting objects that are at different photon densities.

where a collimated beam of gamma radiation may turn an object invisible which has a given photon density of x it may not do the same to an object with a photon density of y.

i am unable to test my theory more than i have at this time.

i hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

be be advised, it is the electrons which collimate the beam.
that should be enough information for now.

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