Detailed kinetic energy.

This will describe what I consider to be kinetic energy.

The repulsive force between two given particles in a given area can be called or considered to be the kinetic energy between the particles. Take 2 particles, a given space (area) and accelerate one particle towards the other particle. If the particle have the same charge (polarity) the particle that accelerates towards the other particle will repel (magnetic / gravitational force) the other particle. What one needs to consider in this example is the photon density (which I consider a Dimension) of each particle. If you take the same 2 particles, accelerate the first particle with speed of X, in a given space of Y, when the particle gets close enough to the other particle which has the same charge it will accelerate the second particle at Z speed. Lets also add variable A which is photon density. Now change the photon density (A) of the first particle. Increase the photon density of the particle. Now you will see a change in Z. The repulsive force of the first particle will be greater than it was before, further accelerating the second particle. This is the proper understanding of kinetic energy.

One must always account for photon density which attempting to calculate the energy of a given system of particles.

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