gravity / anti-gravity

this discussion will be on gravity, and anti-gravity. when most people hear the word gravity they think of the earth, and how it pulls objects to it. the reality is a bit more complex that what current science explains, and this article will give you the rest of the information you need to not only understand gravity, but control the gravitational force between two objects. what is gravity exactly? at first we did not know, then as everyone learns in school some guy watched an apple fall from a tree and realized geeze things go that direction… so we went from no one knowing anything about it, to a guy telling everyone that there is this “earth” and things “gravitate” towards it (fall down on the ground for example). that sounds great and all but it really does little to help one understand how the force of gravity really works. then we came to realize that objects have atoms, and some objects are quite large. when a large object contains a large amount of atoms, it has what they were describing as “gravitational pulling force” on other objects. this was a bit more information than “the apple falls on the ground, which is down”. still people are led to believe gravity is this magical force which is possible controlled by some fake particle made up by a moron called a graviton. so, now that we have all that out of the way lets get educated on the reality of how gravity really works. first off the current belief that a large dense object creates a gravitational field is correct. it just is not fully explained, and when they start talking graviton it just makes me sick. we know that things we see around our universe / world / etc are considered objects. we have come to understand that these objects contain what we call “atoms”. atoms will be described in detail in another posting, but for now we will say they are mostly as described: a working individual unit which is a able to interact with other units of its type, and can be interacted with the particles which make up the atom, and the photons the atom emits and absorbs. now while it is true that large dense objects have many atoms, and they have a greater gravitational presence the real question is what is the actual force from this object which gives us the field we call gravity. the answer is photons. photon density to be exact. now each atom that you see on the periodic chart has a few things in common. each atom has 1 proton count level (the amount of protons per element that is, aka proton density), and each element has an electron count (density) by default equal to the the proton count. now we also have to take into consideration the following values: the electron has been rated by common science to have a charge of -1, and a proton has an opposite charge of equal value +1. this means if we are talking charge the electrons and protons seem to cancel each other out when it comes to the atom interacting with other atoms. one then learns that an atom can gain and loose electrons, thus making the atom polar. an atom which gains an electron which would create an imbalance in the proton/electron count (electron count greater than proton count) and create an atom which would then be considered to have a negative charge. the atom can also be made to have an imbalance which would cause the atom to be considered to have a positive charge. this is all known information (besides photon density) and explains how one atom can bond with another atom with what is called an “ionic bond”. this is when you have negative atoms and positive atoms and they attract to each other. the reason i covered all that is because it is important to remind you of what we believe currently gives dense objects more gravitational pull. atoms, many atoms at that. and atoms net charge is made up of all the particles which make up the atom as one functioning unit. now on to the good stuff. photon density. by default all atoms we have come to know have things called photons inside them. these “photons” are in short little packets of energy, and can be measured by how much energy each packet contains. the particles that we have come to know that make up an atom contain these photons. what is is not commonly discussed is exactly how much photon energy does each particle have, and each atom have as a whole functioning unit. in short the more photon energy an atom has, the greater the force which pulls it to the earth is. now the earth is made up of many, many atoms. we know it is large, and dense. we know it has its own gravitational field, and objects we interact with on planet earth are attracted to the earth. what is great about this is now that we know it is merely the amount of photon energy that an object has as a whole is that which effects its interaction with the gravitational field of an object like earth we can come to the following conclusion: if we change the photon density of an object, it will be attracted to earth more (greater photon density) or less (less photon density). this is exactly correct. if you remove a large amount of photon energy from an atom, it will move from a strong interaction with the gravitational field of the earth to a very weak interaction. this would mean if one were able to dial in the photon density of something like an apple (that is change the photon density of the apple itself as a whole), and then you took that same apple, picked it up, held it up as high as your head and let go of it you would find it does not fall like it did before. say you decreased the photon density by a great amount. now you have an apple which can stay in mid air, and not even fall to the ground. sounds crazy, but it is true. this is how gravity really works. now the million dollar question is “how exactly do i change the photon density of that apple?”. the answer is simple: radiation. you use a form of radiation which is able to irradiate the entire object and not only that, modify the object storage of photon energy. this is done with gamma radiation. there are many forms (or more correctly said energy levels) of gamma radiation. people have been programmed in society to think “death” when they hear gamma rays, but quite the opposite is true for them. now i am not going to lie to you, it is very possible to kill yourself or someone else using gamma radiation. you have to be careful when using it. i will have separate articles on the many uses for gamma radiation, what people have misconceptions about, and the proper way to emit gamma radiation to perform your own experiments with the concepts i discuss (such as making an apple float in the air). this is pretty much the end of this article for now, the explanations i have left out are best discussed in their own articles. but now we know: gravity is photon density. photon density can be modified using gamma radiation. not all gamma radiation kills you.

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