magnets as a power source

i have discovered that you can use a magnet to power electronic devices. the magnetic field itself consists of a electron cloud which flows from one pole of the magnet to the other pole. taking the electrons from the cloud allows you to power an electronic device. from my understanding most magnets are ferromagnetic materials in nature (made from iron). it is my understanding that to make a permanent magnet one obtains the ferromagnetic material(s) needed, heats the material up to a melting temperature, applies a stationary magnetic field to the heated ferro magnetic material, then cools the magnetic material thus creating a permanent magnet. to explain a bit more a permanent magnet has usually is in a simple shape like a rectangle, is small enough to fit in your hand, and has a decent amount of attractive magnetic power which causes iron containing metals to gravitate towards it. the reason there are poles on the magnet is because when the ferromagnetic material is heat and has a field applied to it the material contains more electrons in it because of the field that is applied. when you cool the magnet those electrons are trapped in the atoms which bond to each other. this means that one side has more electrons than the other side, and because of the the side with a deficit of electrons attracts the electrons from the side of the magnet which has a excess of electrons. this in short means a permanent magnet is a perpetual motion machine. the electron will move from one side of the magnet to the other side indefinitely. what this also means is you can have a circuit hooked up with the magnet as a battery and it will run forever. this is quite an advancement from existing technology as most if not all of them require a fossil fuel or an outside source of radiation to create the power needed to supply electronic devices. currently i have only been able to draw a very low amperage, low voltage flow of electricity from a stationary magnet. but don’t dismiss this possibly great source of power just because it is in the underdeveloped stage it is in. i am in no way a master in the field of material science and i am learning more quite often. i will update this page when i have more information.

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