neutron sources

i recently looked up the information for creating a neutron emitter and found (from what i am to understand) they the information was accidentally incorrect or purposely incorrect. below is the information i have compiled which i think may be more accurate at this time.

take an element which emits alpha particles
combine in powder form with another element which is dense which has an uneven proton neutron count
in theory the greater the neutron count in the metal to be combined (the dense one which receives the alpha particles) the greater neutron emission per alpha particle

it may be possible in theory to take an element which emits alpha particles at a slow rate and irradiate the mixture to increase the instability of the charges in the atom which emits the alpha particle to increase alpha particle output which when combined with the dense atom with a great neutron to proton count will increase the neutron output even more.

if this theory does work, it would quite likely require xray photons or above as the radiation source.

to create an xray emitter (in theory) you would take one of three metals (tungsten or rhenium or osmium) and bombard the metal with high voltage electricity to decrease the wavelength of the photons emitted. those metals were selected because they have much higher melting points.from my research i have come to believe that using a specific wavelength of gamma radiation it is possible to cause very fast cellular division. this would allow someone using the led technology described earlier on this website to say grow skin at a very fast rate. time is possibly in seconds.

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