New wget bash script

I created the following for my own legal reasons (being that I need to subpoena the information later when in court). It is a small simple script to take a word file, break it down into chunks, then take an URL file and break it into chunks and then perform a wget request for each string created using the arrays. The string created will take a base url from the urls file, and add the text from the text file bit by bit (making it wget the entire word text file).

Anyhow in short, take 2 text files. Then make one urls with (notice the trailing slash please) then create a text file (i select text from my website, copy and paste it into my text editor and save).

Then run the script like so:
$chmod +x
$./ urls test.txt

here is the simple script
#ignore the commented sections they are for my own modification purposes

if [[ $# -eq 0 ]] ; then
echo ‘argument1 is urls file, argument2 is text file to use’
exit 0

IFS=$(echo -en “nb”)

fmt -w 50 < $WORDFILE > wordfile;
sed -e ‘s/^/’ wordfile > step_two
rm wordfile
#sed -e ‘s/$/”/’ step_two > final_file;
#rm step_two

read -a array2 -d ‘n’ < step_two #final_file
read -a array1 -d ‘n’ < $URL_file

for i in “${array1[@]}”
for c in “${array2[@]}”
wget “$i$c”

copy and paste this text and save to to use as listed above.

Sample urls file:

sample test.txt file:
It has come to my attention by people reading my material that the LED I described was not creating antimatter the way it was supposed to, and the light saber was not deadly. More of a children’s toy.

I have worked out that (as suggested before) you may need to use another radioactive metal / metal combination.
It seems that a gram or less of Plutonium possibly combined with another metal (iron maybe).

I have no way of trying it as I can not get my hands on a gram of Plutonium to make the alloy for the LED.

Once the LED is constructed you should be able to create antimatter with a flash of it, and also create a light saber out of it using the LED, a lead case, and a glass to focus the beam. Once again increased amperage will extend the length of the beam. Increasing the voltage may possibly change the wavelength.

Once again do not attempt to try my experiment unless you have a license for the materials, and the proper facility and education. Just me thinking on the web. Let me know if anyone can legally build them so I can see the cool effects.

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