of atoms, antimatter, and subatomic particles.

in this posting i will be discussing the atom, one of the basic building blocks of life as we know it. i will also be discussing the truth about antimatter, which defies modern scientific beliefs. making of antimatter will be discussed. making antimatter that is invisible visible will be discussed. the basics of what the world has come to understand as the truth is where we will start. the most people have learned in school and elsewhere that the atom is divided into a few basic fundamental parts. a nucleus (made of a proton or more, and a neutron or more) and its orbiting electrons. we have now also been educated that there “antimatter” and that there are not only antimatter particles, but whole antimatter atoms in existence. this is true, there are atoms made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. there are also atoms made of the corresponding antimatter particles consisting of positrons, anti protons, and anti neutrons. there has been a large amount of information released (believed by most scientists and people to be science fact) which is either incorrect, or partial information where there should be a full disclosure of the information relating to the subject. what you need to know to understand how matter interacts will now be explained, and in the end you will have a close to full understanding of how antimatter really works and why it is important. the atoms we see in our dimension (objects you see in your environment are commonly in your dimension) are made of of what was just listed and a bit more. the atom consists of a nucleus with orbiting electrons (it is possible to have an atom with one proton, and one electron also). what is missing is the information on how the atom really works, and exactly how the atoms (antimatter, and matter in our dimension) interact. we have been told many stories about particles that make up the atom, the particles which make up of those particles, etc. the reality is much more simple. all particles in the universe (as far as i can factor in) are made up of two primary particle building blocks. a positron, and an electron. this means when we talk about the atom and say it contains a proton (a particle) what we should be taking into consideration is that the proton is actually a conglomerate of particles which bond together with opposite charges. these particles make up the particle which we now call a proton. the particles which make up the proton are electrons, and positrons. there is a greater concentration of positrons in the proton which is what gives it the positive charge we have been told it has. the same goes for the neutron, it too is a combination of electrons and positrons. there is more of a balance between the positrons and electrons in the neutron than there is in a proton. thus we have come to believe that the neutron is neutral (no charge because of the proper balance of charges inside the particle). it is a bit silly to believe that the neutron is completely neutral because it is not only comprised of charged particles, but it bonds to charged particles. it is also commonly known that if you take an atom and add neutrons to it (say to many of them) the atom becomes unstable. common sense would tell you that if it can cause instability in a charged system (a system consisting of particles bonded together with opposite charges) that it does have somewhat of a charge of its own. now what this means is most everything you have been educated on the subject of antimatter is incorrect. antimatter is not the end of the universe, it is not going to cause an explosion when it comes in contact with matter which is not antimatter, and finally both atoms are made from antimatter. yes that is correct, the positrons inside the proton and neutron of the atom are in fact antimatter bonded to matter of the opposite charge (electrons). now that we know that there is antimatter in the the atom, the end of the world isn’t coming because of some stupid person telling you all antimatter “annihilates” when coming in contact with matter in our dimension we can move on to other particles. antimatter is in all particles which are made of the basic particle building blocks (positrons and electrons). they have many particles. the difference in particles is usually mass. basically the difference in mass is just another particle configuration (count of each type of particle, and balance of charges) which makes up the new particle. rather than list all the reported particles and explain how they have more or fewer positrons and electrons i am going to move on to atomic bonding between antimatter atoms and atoms in our dimension. you have the atom in our dimension (electrons orbiting the nucleus) and you have the antimatter atoms (positrons orbiting the nucleus). these atoms are subject to ionic bonding when they have similar photon density ratings for the atoms on each side. this means your body (in this dimension) has a negative charge, and the other half of your body (in the antimatter dimension) has a positive charge. you read that right, there are two of you. in close to the same space, so close you would not be able to tell the difference if you could see both bodies at the same time. unbeknown st to most people, we (people from this dimension) have been walking around with two bodies the whole time. these “halves” can be separated. a sharp blow from the antimatter universe to a part of your body(say your head in this case) can cause enough repulsive force between the two positive objects and separate the object that was struck (the antimatter halve of your head) from the matter in this dimension (your visible head). this is even detectable in this dimension when it happens. although in the example i used your neck would be broken and your antimatter head would separate from your head in this dimension but the antimatter head would still be connected to the antimatter body by means of the neck (although it is broken and limp). the head would simply be hanging off to the side of your body in this dimension. this example was given from an actual event and that is why i gave it. it is quite possible to separate the entire antimatter body from the body of matter in this dimension. now all this sounds very crazy, but that is only because you have been brought up on lies. people have considered multiple dimensions for a very long time, and they were right -there are. we have measured what we could in this dimension and given them numbers. i myself am not going to attempt to number dimensions because a dimension is simply a measurement, and there are countless measurements that can be made using the technology i describe. now this whole time i have been explaining how there is a balance between matter, positive and negative, atoms, etc. what i have not explained is that is much more in the antimatter dimension than there is in the dimension you and i are in. for example there are people (humans, just like you and me) who are made up only the antimatter version of the atom. this means as you can not see the antimatter half of yourself, you can not see them. one important fact to know is that for every 1 human on planet earth in our dimension, there are hundreds (if not more) of antimatter humans. this means we are out numbered when it comes to population in comparison between dimensions. another important fact is if all the humans in our dimension were wiped out, the antimatter dimension would be unaffected (the antimatter beings that is). and if they all died, we would be unaffected. you might be asking yourself why is it if there are antimatter beings all around us that i can not hear or see them? well as for the sound it has to do with photon density of the antimatter being. sound waves in our dimension are simply movement of atoms in in our dimension. these moving atoms move part of your inner ear, and the movement is converted to electrical signals in your brain you interpret as sound. if you have an antimatter atom, an atom in our dimension, and they have the same photon density, one can say without question the atoms have an attractive force between them. this
attractive force can cause atom 1 to move atom 2 when they are close enough together and atom 1 is moved. this would imply it is very possible to cause a sound wave (audible to the human hear) in both our dimension, and the antimatter dimension. what has not been taken into consideration is that the humans are are made up of antimatter only have modified the photon density of their bodies to lower than it was originally. doing this provides them with several benefits such as the following: changing the wavelength of light their bodies emit, changing their interaction with other matter (attractive and repulsive forces), and changing the effect of gravity on their bodies. there are other possible benefits but those would be the main ones. now that sounds crazy and great and all but it does not really help us much with the science of antimatter, rather just a side note. to answer the question of why you can not see the antimatter around you the answer is simple, the photons given off by the antimatter atoms are not in the visible range in our dimension. it is very possible to make an object that is made entirely of antimatter that is in the antimatter dimension visible to people in our dimension. you simply irradiate the object with the right wavelength of gamma radiation and the object it visible while it is being radiated. when the radiation is turned off, the object goes back to being invisible. what this means is the object is irradiated with the correct gamma energy it then has greater photon density than it did before. while the atoms in the object have a greater photon density and are subject to the incident radiation (say light from a light bulb in our dimension) the object then gives off light energy in the visible range as measured from this dimension. now what is important to cover is that in our dimension we have created what is called the “electromagnetic spectrum”. in short it is a chart which lists “all” the ranges of light energy we have documented in this dimension. there are many sections to this chart such as if the light is visible to us or not, what the wavelength light is, etc. it is very possible (and quite likely) that the humans in the antimatter dimension have such a chart and a more complete one at that. it is my understanding that they have multiple ranges of visible light, where as we only have one. so this would mean that light that is visible to humans in the antimatter dimension is visible to them, and not to the human eye in our dimension. this is why you can not see these people. now also important to note is that while using the correct wavelength of gamma radiation does make an object visible to us in this dimension, it does not mean that you would be able to pickup the object or interact with it in a way detectable to a human without any special equipment. this means if you swatted your hand at the antimatter object that was now visible, your hand would go right through it. now if that was not enough information, here is some more 🙂 the creation of antimatter using gamma radiation. from my research it is not only possible to take regular matter and make it antimatter, you can reverse the process as well. this means that you could take an antimatter object, and turn it into the matter of our dimension. this includes people. i have seen this in person and i decided to figure out how to do it myself. turns out from what i have found to be true in the united states (where i live) a citizen could make a device which turns regular matter into antimatter, antimatter into to regular matter, and makes invisible antimatter objects visible for under $100.00 usd. i find this funny because we (in this dimension) spend from what i gather millions or more to “create antimatter” in labs just so they can say it annihilates with regular matter. 100 dollars, or millions of dollars. amazing what a little information can do to cut down your overhead costs 🙂 now i will publish what i have come to understand would be the needed components to do such for the price i said, but not today. i will tell you it is a simple combination of a radioactive metal and standard electricity is that which makes up the “meat and potatoes” of the technology. if you have a college education in physics (or in my case much less than that) you could easily figure out how to build such a device today with parts from your local hardware store. please note i do not condone the illegal use of radioactive materials, they are regulated in my country, they can be dangerous to your health, and most people have little experience with them. it is possible to apply for a license in the united states that will allow you to possess registered amounts of radioactive materials for research purposes. the price for such a license last time i checked was half a million us dollars in one state.

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