response to antimatter creation complaint.

I have gotten a few responses from people saying they can not achieve the matter to antimatter conversion using the LED that I had mentioned.

Let me make this clear, from my understanding it is only a matter of getting the correct wavelength of gamma to achieve the matter to antimatter conversion. Most radioactive metals are capable of emitting gamma radiation one way or another. I did not say that you could not use a denser atom for the metal in the alloy which would potentially emit gamma radiation at shorter wavelengths with less voltage. One may consider that metals have a melting point and although a metal may have the potential to emit the radiation required (the desired wavelength) it may require a combination of voltage (required to change wavelength) and amperage (needed for area size modification)that would melth the metal. modifications to the alloy may not only lower the required energy to reach the desired wavelength, they may also modify the way the alloy manages heat distribution which would effect what would be required to reach the melting point.

I hope this clears things up.

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