shields up!

it has been brought to my attention that aircraft may need shielding against typical (possibly even considered crude) attacks. it has also been brought to my attention that after posting the led technology on this website that someone has taken one or more (2 possibly) leds and created such a shield. the led technology posted on this site allows for the current to pass through both directions as the alloy is basically a small rectangular radioactive metal with tiny flakes of of another metal suspended in the radioactive metal. i am not aware of any other site using this type of led technology. one can note that using current in one direction creates an unfocused “gamma bubble” (in reality it is a half circle of energy) in the direction set by the flow of electrons from one metal to the other. this would mean that if you were using dc current the “bubble” (the area irradiated) would be in a single direction. one could take 2 leds using the technology posted on this site and power both of them at the same time to create two half bubbles (effectively creating a circle of gamma energy) and use that as a shield. one might also take into consideration that you might also be able to use ac current at a frequency high enough to provide a similar protective bubble. the effect of such a shielding technology is that any projectile weapon that was incoming would be successfully irradiated with a wavelength which would render the projectile useless. anyhow, i am glad to hear people are working on new cool designs.

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