the creation of a high energy weapon

it has come to my attention that the us dod has been interested for some time in high energy weapons, below is a description (short) of how someone may be able to create one.

the results of this are a powerful beam of high energy electricity with variable length and width to hit your target with. the manufacturing of the needed components and schematics and such will not be discussed.

taking the known working method of satellite communications we know the user is required to have a satellite dish to use the service. i am not going into detail about how the service works as this is widely known information.

what we are going to do is use such a method of taking a collection of emitted electrons and focus them into a beam. using a metal dish, the emitter pointed at the dish, and a source of variable high voltage and amperage we can create the beam of electron with which to strike the target.

the method of accelerating electrons this way is most commonly known to be used in crt monitors which have been around for a while. they do not produce the amperage required for very powerful beams (in theory), but they do use the high voltage electricity to accelerate electrons into a particle beam which is then manipulated for the use in the display.

so with that short bit of information one can assume that when the variable voltage is increased, the distance of the beam will be greater. when the variable amperage is increased the beam with have more electrons per given area making the beam more powerful.

i think that should be enough information for anyone like the dod to build such a device. the power source has not been discussed.



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