the creation of a new line of transistor products.

in this article i will describe how i have attempted to create a new transistor technology using widely available zener diodes.

i may be misinformed (under educated) but i think this may be a new product.

the transistor can be created using 3 zener diodes. the diodes are connected in a y configuration.

the zener diode allows current to flow forward as a normal diode, but when a “break down voltage” is applied in the reverse direction, current can flow in the opposite direction.

zener voltage = the limit of voltage before “breakdown” occurs and current is allowed to flow in the opposite direction.

different zener diodes have different zener voltages.
using a combination (the y configuration) of zener diodes with different zener voltages allows us to create
many different transistors, which can be used for switching and amplification based on the combination of the transistors linked together. what seems to be a possible use for a more advanced transistor switching technology is the fact that with the zener diode transistor the switching can be applied in both directions.
from what i have read typical transistors have a base and the current only flows one direction in any known given transistor manufactured at this time. with this version (which can have (many / possibly hundreds of different transistors created all with the same capability] your base can flow bloth ways.

so we have (to create many different zener transistor packages]
current rating of the zener
voltage rating of the zener

with those combined into the y configuration for the creation of the transistor many new transistors can be created.

if i am wrong and zener transistors using this configuration  are being sold as transistor packages allready let me know.

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