Video game controller

This is my idea for a new Wii video game controller.

It has a spherical design, and the dark spots on the sides are the buttons.

You hold the controller with both hands (the sphere in between your hands)

and twist the spehere to move forward and backward.

It would also have accelerometer and gyroscope type integration for detecting the movement up and down, forward and backward, and shaking it. The controller would connect via bluetooth or wlan to the target console. You twist the sphere parts back and forth like a rubiks cube would be twisted. The buttons on the side is where your fingers go and each one has a separate function.

I created (my first time using blender so be nice :) an image depicting the controller in 3D.


I thought this controller would be a nice solution for the next Wii.

Let me know if you like it.



UPDATE: the picture is missing as I had massive data loss. I will make a new one.

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