what is arizona law enforcement using your internet for?

i ask you the question: just what is arizona law enforcement using your internet for?

the answer might suprise you.


child pornography, distribution of pirated software, distribution of pirated multimedia (music and movies), the distribution of 0day exploits to your computer systems for the purpose of backdooring your computers and planting evidence.


they are also using calea (communications assistance for law enforcement act) hardware to man in the middle attack your internet connections to modify what you see on the internet. this means you may get different search results than other people when you surf the net, and with the scripts they are using actually fake your browsing history so they can create fake evidence. If you are suspected of a crime they create large volumes of accounts on services that you use (yahoo, aol, facebook, twitter, tinder, etc) and they redirect you to their accounts by surrounding you with their peoples disinformation, lies, and even mislabeled content so they can say you clicked on something to obtain the content.


They take sites like google and modify your search results with large amounts of pages containing content they have created. Upping their results in the google search (click and advertising *fraud* Bby the way). They even modify the text of the search results and place words or partial sentences in there to threaten the “suspect”.


take a movie sharing site for instance. i found that by monitoring one of the movie sites which had pirated movies that a single female agent has upload a huge chunk of the movie base. yes, a government agent who is supposed to uphold the law was mass uploaded pirated movies. It gets worse. this site was ad driven, so not only was she helping people break the law, they were getting paid for her criminal activity.


another example: pirated software. did you know that the government agencies in the state of arizona are responsible a very large volume of the pirated software that is available on the internet? This s also ad driven. I even caught them using a software package for work within the government in the state of arizona which costs more than $1000 (ida pro)  and it was stolen software.


here in arizona the law enforcement thinks they are above the law aka “the untouchables” (their words).


I will tell you my story about how I came upon this information.

years ago I was a computer consultant for banks. one night a girl that I had slept with in the past many times called me multiple times and explained she wanted to come over and have sex with me. she came over, we had sex, then i asked her to leave. i didnt think much of it at the time as my girlfriend was gone for a while and it just seemed like cheating to me which I know was wrong but I did. a few days later the police department from phoenix (another city)  shows up to my front door (in glendale) and asks to speak with me. they said she claimed i kidnapped and raped her. i did not. i answered their questions and asked them to leave. then i payed for an attorney. i moved to another county shortly afterwards (yavapi county) and this is when I started noticing them on my internet.

in short it was like a living hell. every site i went to for the most part had images they planted that said things like “i rape” or “rapist” (yes in my internet now all the sudden are people starting to say odd things about rape). i found the ringleaders of this group and they have a website www.theregister.co.uk . turns out they are law enforcement and they lie on the website and say they are all in the United Kingdom. Joeproxy.co.uk is a god example also, thats joseph m arpaio with a uk website were he tracks criminals using a web proxy to commit crimes.


then i started to notice it in person. everywhere i went people were calling me a rapist (in person mind you). this has not stopped to this day. most recently they started contacting me on tinder posing as women saying very sexual things and asking me to violently attack them such as (i really love being spanked and choked.. you into that kinda stuff?)


turns out they need me to have the profile (a character profile that is, for use in court to convict me with just my character) of a violent sexual deviant. so they can say I violently attacked that girl (i did not do anything violent to her, by the way) and convict me of kidnapping and violent rape.


so be careful, the things you see and hear on the internet just may be another corrupt official trying to get their name on the wall using your life as the price.


this corruption has to stop.


i have informed the police, the sheriff, and even the fbi.

they have refused to investigate my findings.

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